Swinging for fourth base

Sorry if that title makes no sense, but I’m sure it will by the end of the post!

So, as alluded to in What are friends? I recently signed up to a rounders league. In that post, I also promised you a post about rounders – well today is the day. Here is my post about rounders.

I’m not going to start by taking you on a tour of the rules – as it is more complicated than people give it credit for – but for all my fans on the other side of the pond, it is a bit like baseball.

One thing I would say about the rules though is read them. Read them all. There was one match – we were playing against Mad Batters and their lack of knowledge on the importance of stumping a post meant my “half scored” quickly became a rounder as they hadn’t stumped third and I was able to cheekily run onto fourth to get that rounder on our team sheet. Luckily in that game, we won 16-14 so they aren’t still beating themselves up about that mistake today.

I know some of my fans out there are a true fan of stats. So here are a few: we played 8 games – won 6, drew 1, lost 1. Which is odd, as draws are quite rare in rounders. For the 6 games that happened in the round-robin before the semis and finals I have some more stats for you: only two teams finished the league with a positive points difference of rounders scored and rounders conceded – us and Lloyds Marine Under 35. Our difference, naturally, was the biggest with 100 scored and 71 against. Our biggest win was 20-8, which is a result we achieved against two separate teams.

I’ve mentioned a couple of times now that this is a team game. The league we were playing in wasn’t quite as strict as the school on team size – more than 9 players were allowed. We, as a team, almost set ourselves up to fail. We signed up as a 7 when the league suggests a minimum of 8. This meant friends and family were asked to play with us each week – thankfully they all slotted into the team seamlessly and delivered some skills and points to help us on our way to the final match. And no, I’m not just saying that as I know some of those we pulled into our team are avid readers of Catherine’s Corner!

The team are probably all going to read this too, so it feels only right to give them all a name check before I get grief off them when I have to see them all again at Dodgeball. Or maybe, just a photo moment…

The team, with a couple of extras needed for the final game

Erin and Will shared bowling duty. This is a key role as, if we can accurately slow the game down with a bowler giving away a couple of no-balls or dropping the odd return to bowler catch, we can watch the clock tick down and give them fewer chances to score against us.

Then, Emma took up the regular spot as backstop – with safe hands Emma had a key role linking up with James who was our go-to second base ensuring no teams dare risk the run to the second post off the back of a backward hit.

Finally, Elin, Mikey and I were the fielders, essentially the key parts to get the ball back in time to prevent rounders being scored. The added benefit here is the strong catches. Mikey will try and tell you he had the catch of the season, but I also distinctly remember a couple of “the sun was in my eyes” drops too.

Speaking of catches of the matches, we had a couple of real standout moments – backstop needs cat-like reactions to catch a team out from behind and Emma reacted to get a few of those. Mikey had a one-handed beauty and probably had the most of the league. I had a pretty good one too in which one of the players from the other team came and shook my hand afterwards as he was so impressed with my skills.

To be crowned league champions, they always say a team needs a fine edge to get them above the competition. I don’t want to say this all came down to me – but as captain, everyone in the team knew what they were doing. I mentioned at the top there are a lot of rules to rounders and the advantage is knowing them all. My team would tell you there is only one rule in rounders “Listen to Catherine”. And maybe this was the edge needed to be crowned league winners.

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