Back to school

Don’t worry, I haven’t regressed in life so much that I need to go back to school.

No, today I’m talking about all the back to school advertising done to the poor kids who have no idea that being at school is the rare time where you feel like you have your life in order. Going back to school is also when you get multiple bits of stationary marketed at you.

I’m not saying correlation equals causation but good pens and having your life together seem like a good fit. I love a stationery shop – even get comments at work on the quality of my post-it notes. Should probably point out these were a freebie from a law firm.

It’s here where adult life falls down. The majority of pens I now own are freebies collected at networking events, pitches or similar when they want me advertising their wares. I’m totally fine with this lifestyle. I don’t think you can ever have too many pens.

This is why back to school becomes a problem. Take the supermarket, I visit at least once a week for example. I walk in and I am greeted with an abundance of multicoloured items to buy, from cracking crayons to glitzy gel pens. I strongly walk past, knowing that all I need now is the trusty free pen from a company whose name I’m not 100% sure how to pronounce.

But then you also have to factor in how much better a notebook looks when it is colour coded and you’re eyes are drawn back to the stationary – would a couple of new gel pens be that bad? Could I find a use for a weekly planner that I can write homework in? It’s here where my true internal strength has won out this back to school season.

I’ve decided to ignore the shameless advertising of great paper, pens, highlighters and the rest as I realise this kind of equipment won’t drastically change my life.


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