What are friends?

Let’s take a minute to consider what friendship is.

It’s someone who was once a stranger that you met. That you now don’t consider a stranger and arrange to do things with, whether that’s going to the pub, paintballing or cinema trips, but how do we get there?

A couple of months ago, I signed up to a rounders league. (You will get a post on that, I am sure.) In this league, I was put into a team with people I had never met before. No one knew anyone. We were the very definition of people meeting strangers. We played our game, by the end of it I remembered everyone’s name bar one on the team and we headed to the pub to get to know each other. We exchanged pleasantries about where we work, where we are from, why one of us doesn’t like dogs. The next week, we turn up, go to the pub and the same chit chat continues.

Fast forward a few weeks and we have a WhatsApp group that is buzzing with messages, plans to meet up at the weekend and conversation is well beyond the standard “How’s your week been” and other small talk that you engage with when talking to people who aren’t your friend.

Let us consider another scenario. Love Island. Individuals are dumped into a villa and told to find love. Yet, so many in their exit interview talk about “finding friends for life”.

So, when are strangers potential friends and not “stranger danger”. If we apply, the rounders team/Love Island logic to everyday situations my best mate might be sitting on the tube and I’ll never know because the tube is not somewhere you speak to strangers.

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