Keep that in the locker

A quick post from me today as I’ve had a busy weekend and no time to put pen to paper so to speak!

Today’s post is all about a new tool I used recently. The Amazon locker.

This would have been a solid 5/5 review, but I was let down at the weekend.

For those that don’t know (essentially dad) the Amazon locker is an invention designed for the working man/woman. Ordering online is great and all, until you need to get it delivered. Some workplaces allow you to order your worldly goods to the office, but not all of them do. So, what do you do if you’re not sat at home all day?

This is where the Amazon locker comes in. Rather than being delivered to your home or office, it’s secured in a locker. You get given a number code and a barcode. You attend the locker, scan the code or type in the number and the locker pops open, you collect your package and off you go. Easy as pie.

This was such a good experience I wanted to do it again. This weekend I tried to order a new package to the locker. However, the lockers were full. So then I had to get it delivered to a different location. NOT IDEAL.

I’m not sure if there are loads across the capital, but the whole point of this is convenience so I want it delivered near to home.

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