Today I’m focusing on cholesterol.

I recently had a health check-up which told me my blood glucose, blood pressure and BMI were all good. I’m healthy. Then she mentions my cholesterol.

I’m braced for a high reading – mum has high cholesterol and I love pudding and that nearly always comes with cream. But I think, I’m in my 20s so my body can cope with that.

I was wrong.

I was told my cholesterol is actually too low and I should consider ways to increase it. It isn’t a health concern but something to be aware of and much better to be low than high. You’ll never guess what. Regular blog readers will remember my post on avocados. (For those less regular, have a reminder here.) The doctor told me to consider adding more avocados to my life as they are high in fats. Luckily, I don’t hate them just don’t understand the hype.

This doesn’t mean I’ll be adding avocado on toast to my breakfast on a daily basis but I will certainly be indulging in my cream with pudding completely guilt free.

The geek in me remembers my school days, where cholesterol is on the curriculum for GCSE. Cholesterol is broken into two groups – HDL and LDL so I know I need a diet that is high in the good cholesterol (HDL). I was only told avocados. But fatty acid fish is the real key here – they should be on the diet. I don’t really like fish though.

However, if you see me eating avocado and salmon on toast you know I’ve taken this healthy cholesterol reading and decided I need more points!


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