I know I’ve done a post on names before – bemoaning when people get mine wrong, but I’m coming at this topic from a different angle today.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned, but I’ve now got a job that requires me to travel to the office. On some occasions, I branch out of the office to buy lunch.

On this trip out, I went to a place that gives their staff name badges. I paid for my lunch, got the change and said “thanks Holly” I instantly felt weird so dived out the shop. I don’t know her, but I know her name is Holly as it is on the badge. Why do shops want us to know their names? I know, if I’m going to make a complaint about staff, or give praise, I’ll want to know their name. But do they want us offering the use of their name when buying our lunch?

In a previous life, I had a summer job which involved speaking to the public and serving customers. I didn’t have a name badge but never thought the public would call me by my name when doing it. On a few occasions, I was asked my name so they could tell my manager how helpful I’d been – who knows how many more would have done that if my name was being worn! Once I’d given my name some said “thanks Catherine you’ve been so helpful” but some still didn’t use it. I didn’t think it was weird of them to use it as I’d just told them it.

But had they seen my name and read it out I would have found that creepy. I’ve been feeling weird about “thanks Holly” since I said it. I’m usually more polite than the shop staff when grabbing my lunch wishing them a nice day and they don’t even say enjoy your food. I didn’t even wish Holly a nice day I was out of there quickly as my cheeks began to redden and I felt awkward. I haven’t gone back to ask Holly how she found this interaction, but if any of my loving blog readers have ever been the “Holly” in this scenario please comment on how mortifying this would be below.

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