An Eggcellent Deal

I love a bargain, me. My freezer usually contains a fair few yellow sticker items at any one time from meat and fish through to bread. Then, again it’s only a bargain if you actually eat it.

However, today I want to focus on a particular deal. The Easter stock clearance. Before Easter, this particular large supermarket was advertising three for £10 on a large selection of Easter Eggs. The sensible person in me decided I don’t need three eggs so didn’t buy any. This weekend when entering the store I was hit with a wall of eggs.

Stock clearance was a thing. At first glance, I thought all eggs were a pound, but no lurking on the shelf was an egg for 36p. I didn’t like the particular chocolate that accompanied that egg so probably an unpopular choice and not a bargain as I wouldn’t eat it!

I, however, picked myself up a Terry’s chocolate orange Easter Egg with two bars included for a quid. Happy Catherine.

This deal works well for me as someone who wants to treat herself I’m not too sure it works well for kids who want chocolate on Easter Sunday, but I guess its a way to reduce the amount of chocolate in the house. You do also have to rely on stores offering their eggs at a discount rate a week later.

But crucially, it begs the question, how did the store get it so wrong? I definitely wasn’t the first person in the shop on Saturday and there were heaps of eggs left. I mean loads. Someone, somewhere is responsible for the sums on how many to buy and they failed. Most of these eggs were going at 25% of their original full price value. I’m sure there is still some profit to be made here for the store but that is one hefty markdown.

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