That’s a shit sandwich

It’s almost a running joke at family gatherings as when I’m asked to describe something, “shit” is quite often the response.

Well, I well and truly found myself a shit sandwich.

Have I mentioned I’ve got a new job? Well, I travel to the office for work everyday now. So essentially, I’m like every other bored Londoner frantically thinking up lunches to take to the office to save myself the billion pound lunch prices in the capital. Sometimes, this doesn’t happen. I have to venture out an buy my lunch.

Normally, this is a simple task. A meal deal is a beautiful thing after all. But not today. I had a shit deal. I was in an unnamed leading supermarket with stores across the country. I thought I’d have a sandwich and a sausage roll as I walked to the store. I then saw the label for coronation chicken and thought I’d have that. To my dismay they had sold out. I’d obviously had lunch too late. I plumped for a safe bet in a mayo chicken sandwich.


It seems coronation chicken wasn’t the only thing to run out. THEY RAN OUT OF CHICKEN HALF WAY THROUGH THIS SANDWICH. I also couldn’t find a sausage roll in the store so was all-in-all a bit disappointed.

But, in my social media life, I tweeted the shop and was told I could get a refund. So after work I marched myself back to the shop (this is away from the tube too) and queued up for a till. Politely showed the staff my tweet and was told that without the original sandwich I couldn’t get a refund. I sarcastically suggested they could dive through the bin at work to find it. But held firm as I had it in black and white that I could get a refund so walked away with an extra £1.70 in my pocket.

Since then, I haven’t returned to this shop and haven’t had a disappointing sandwich either. This message has come to let all you lunchtime eaters know, don’t settle for unsatisfactory food.

2 thoughts on “That’s a shit sandwich

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