No, I’ve not lost the plot. This isn’t a repeat of a post from two weeks ago. I just like the fact that on the surface it looks like a duplicate.

Today, I’m talking about the flakes which we stick in a lovely Mr Whippy.

I know numerous people who say “I remember when they were 99p” But do you actually? Can you point to the specific point in time in which you remember buying a Mr Whippy with a flake for 99p? I don’t think you can and this has just become something we say to moan about seemingly expensive inflation – I will, however, give you a time when Freddos used to be far less.

Then comes onto the point, if you can’t remember them being 99p and society has conditioned us to think that we can remember it, why are they called 99s? Well, Cadbury seems like a pretty good place to start as they do they flakes and yet they note this is something that has been lost in the mists of time.

There are rumours, to do with Italian lads and a shop in Scotland. Read more here. My dad, however, will tell you a 99 is called that because the flake is 99mm long. I hate to break it to you, dad, but you are wrong. Firstly, let’s think about when flakes were invented. A long time before the decimal system so why name it after that? And two, are they even that long? I can’t say I’ve measured them but I don’t feel like I have a flake that is that long. I’d be happy to hear other suggestions as to why you think they are called 99s.

As summer is around the corner and we all indulge in ice cream, regardless of where we are, can we all agree not to say “I remember when these were 99p”?

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