C-C-C-C Cashback

This is not a sponsored post. As much as I’d like to make money from ranting online, I’m just not there yet.

No, today’s post is about something I’ve started to do recently. Earn cash back. My credit card gives me a strong 0.25% cashback with every purchase. I can probably then afford a maccies at the end of the year from what I’ve earned.

A colleague recommended I use Quidco. As she’s a millennial who also owns her own home, I trust she might be onto something.

I’ve been using it for a couple of weeks and have about a fiver waiting for me. I can choose when to withdraw the cashback I’ve earned so could do it during a month that’s been a bit more spend heavy than others or wait until its a nice round number and take it out then. I don’t know what I’m going to do yet.

It’s a very simple shopping process. Visit Quidco, search for the shop you want to visit and then be redirected from there. The process works on cookies – but in this day and age, who isn’t using cookies online?
There are some useful websites involved like the trainline. Who doesn’t want a few pennies back when being ripped off to travel? I also got a nice cashback from the flowers for Mother’s Day – I think that’s a win-win. And in an oh-so rock and roll way I’ve also earned cash back from my new laundry basket.

At this stage, the Martin Lewis influence in my life feels the need to tell you this is only a good option if you don’t stray from what you would ordinarily buy and you can still afford it. The website makes claims that the average user will earn £300 a year – I think so far, I’m on course to be below average, but as cashback is available on big-ticket items like holidays and insurance you can quickly boost the balance.

It seems cashback is quite on trend at the moment, I’m sure we can all think of that really annoying advert for a different cashback provider. This probably means it is on course to be the next scandal – Wonga anyone? But for now, I’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

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