Don’t let the image trick you. I’m talking about a different kind of flake today. Unfortunately, I don’t have an image for that as they have cancelled.

Yes, today’s post is dedicated to those dear friends who you arrange to meet up with, for them to cancel on you. For those of you reading this, guilty of such offences, I would say let’s catch up, but only 100% solid plans with no cancellations will be accepted.

There are many types of flake, but I think the worst is the last minute flake. The morning of the event is probably too late. This is made far worse if activities or tables have been booked and you’re left with a cancellation fee. I think one of the latest cancellations I’ve had, rather than just being a no show, was 4.48pm for an event that was starting at 6. This is almost as if your smart phone has reminded you it is time to leave and you’ve decided you don’t want to leave the house.

I have some friends that I invite and half expect them to flake, or be late, or just generally make the organisation more of a faff than it needs to be. In fact, recently when arranging a group event, I told people I invited “Flakey Name” so I wouldn’t book a seat for them and could add to the booking on arrival. Naturally, this individual flaked – but told me with plenty of notice so a respectable flake – almost.

If you are a repeat flake offender, why do it? I’m more than happy to not arrange plans and chill in my home for a weekend and have even turned down invites, at the time of the invite, because I know I’ve had a couple of big weekends planned before it and will need a weekend to do life admin and all the other fun stuff adult life requires. Equally, I’ll continue to keep inviting you and will be delighted at one point when you actually show up, as expected!

I just think, if you need to cancel for whatever reason, please do it sooner rather than later.

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