Cinema Session

I’ve been to the cinema twice so far this year. I very rarely go to the cinema – the last time was before we decided to even hold a referendum on Brexit, let alone go down that rabbit hole.

My two recent visits have reminded me why I rarely go. People are obviously a factor!

But let’s start with popcorn. Is there anything worse? Aside from the pungent smell, rustle-y bag and content it can lead to some loud chewers. I’m sure in the 21st century we can invent a cinema snack that is less offensive to the ears and nose. Then again, pick and mix in a paper bag was no great idea. In a recent theatre visit (yes, I really am that cultured!) I was given a plastic up to decant my sweets into so they didn’t make a rustling sound – maybe the same level of forward planning could be used here?

Second – trailers. Wow. They sure know how to add to the screen time. This weekend I was told the showing starts at 2. The film actually began at 2.25 – the first 25 minutes were adverts. Some boys walked in at 2.23 – they clearly know the cinema system better than the rest of us. None of the adverts inspired me to return to watch another film.

Third – cost. I paid over £12 for a single ticket. A month on a streaming service is less. I love a bargain – saw Kinky Boots at the theatre for £15. This came with zero adds and was a live experience.

I’ve alluded to people in the first point as they are the ones eating it, and people in point two for smashing the trailer rule. But they do more than this. Others in their quest to avoid some of the ads turn up late. This is not ok. Others chose drinks and want to slurp on them when they are clearly empty – once they’ve drunk all this they need to go to the loo so then walk across the front. Others are chatting – go to the pub for a catch up please.

So all in all, the cinema isn’t a great experience. But with streaming taking off – how much longer does it have as a feature in our society?

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