Save the Date

I’d like to thank the dark corner of Catherine’s brain that thought about this while slightly hungover recently.

That’s about the date. Not just any part of it but the year. Particularly the noughties, I’m thinking 2007 for example.

Say that out loud. I’m willing to be you went with two thousand and seven. Let’s try a few different dates

1066. 1516. 1784. 1992.

These I’m willing to be we’re broken into two numbers ten sixty-six. fifteen sixteen etc.

So why is 2007 different? It isn’t just a zero thing – think 1901. So why has the turn of the century led to this change? Is it something that history does for us. So in 2045 will people start saying “twenty o seven” or will this be the time when all these great ideas stop. At that point, will they look so fondly back on the noughties that it becomes two thousand and forty-five? I do hope not.

Why is this decade different?

I don’t have an answer for you today – if you’ve got any thoughts leave them in the comment below. Particularly those non-UK fans of mine. Do you do this differently? Tell me how so.

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