Technology Triumph

Last week I gave you a review. This week gives you praise. I can only apologise for this drastic change in direction, I’m sure normal service will resume soon.

If anything, this post is long overdue. I’d alluded to it a couple of weeks back on twitter – but like the suspense builder I am, the post is only out today.

For work, I’m regularly required to travel to Solihull. This usually means an early start and a late finish. Quite often, I’ll pick up fish and chips on my way home for tea after a long day in the office. On his technologically triumphant day, I did something far riskier.

I know, having done the journey a few times now, when we go through High Wycombe I’m about an hour from home. Shortly after passing through High Wycombe I pulled up the Just Eat app (other options available) and ordered a curry for my tea. I factored in that trains might be delayed so ordered it for 15 minutes later than I usually arrive home. The race was on. Will I be home before my tea? Luckily, I don’t live alone so I warned my housemates to be ready to collect it if things didn’t go to plan. This is the kind of backstop everyone can get behind.

We’re crawling into Marylebone – not what was needed. The driver comes on the tannoy and informs us there is congestion in the station and we’re waiting for a platform to become available. Panic starts to set in. Should I have waited a bit longer? But then we start cruising into our destination. I march my way down to the ticket barriers and out. I get the tube from Baker Street to avoid changing lines, so I hurry down the street trying to regain a few lost minutes (I’m not yet worried enough to run for my tea.)

Through the barriers and it’s a rush down the escalator and onto the tube. We’re just heading to Waterloo when the train stops. This time the driver comes on to let us know that in the train in front the passenger alarm has been pulled and he doesn’t know how long we will wait while they investigate. I can almost smell my dinner going cold as I sit underground. After a couple of minutes, we’re back travelling again, but every minute underground seems far longer than it is. I finally resurface and power walk home.

As the title suggests, despite the panic of the journey I beat my dinner home. My curry arrived 5 minutes after I walked through the door. This meal tasted ever sweeter knowing I’d used technology to my advantage and coordinated trains, tubes and delivery drivers with expert precision.

This was a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve been to Solihull a fair few times since, but on no occasion have I been brave enough to try the technology revolution again. I don’t want to suggest I am a control freak, but a more reliable public transport system would take a lot of the stress out of this system.

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