Hand dryers

Today’s post focuses on a key part of anyone’s daily routine. Drying hands.

I’m probably not talking about the occasions where you are in your own home and have a towel, but when you are out and about.

Picture the scene, you’ve been out for a nice dinner, the kind where the burger is dripping burger juice down your hands so you need to go to the toilet with the sole purpose of cleaning up. You walk in and see a nice soap dispenser and so you proceed to wash your hands. You then look for what to dry them with. You’re likely to have options of paper towel, hand dryers, that weird towel on a loop or your own trousers.

Paper towels. You end up picking up about 10 sheets and dry your hands to then place them in the overflowing bin. The problem, though, is that the bin isn’t really overflowing it’s just the paper being bulky.  So you end up probably replacing the bag sooner than needed or having a squishing job as part of your cleaning regime. That’s assuming you’ve made it there before there is paper all over the floor and being dragged around the place on people’s shoes.

Hand dryer. These range from the puff of air that isn’t going to move a feather to gusts of air that pull your skin tight across your hand to the swish Dyson air blade. The problem with hand dryers is you never what you get until you’ve put your hand under it and waved it about a few times to get it to eventually recognise you want your hands drying. The variation with hand driers makes them a difficult option. The air blade also advertises that is more hygienic. I’d like to hope those people who are drying their hands have washed them so you’re moving clean air, but then again, not everyone is that reliable. The next time you see an air blade when in the loo, look at the side of it – the watermarks make it looks less than appealing.

Towel on a loop. These seem less common. I get more excitement from pulling it down for a new piece of towel to use than squeezing my hands into the contraption to effectively dry my hands. Then there is the fateful moment when you don’t quite pull it down far enough and end up using a wet bit of towel.

This leads us to the only viable solution. Your jeans. Other trouser items available. I’ve watched a fair few episodes of Dragon’s Den in my time and I’m particularly looking forward to the episode where someone invents a proper hand drying solution.

I’ll leave the environmental concerns to another post.

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