0800 double “O”

For those Brits amongst my readers, I do hope you finished that with “1066”. If not, don’t worry. I’m focusing today’s post on the o eight hundred section.

More specifically, I want to look at the way people call out their own phone number. I feel quite lucky in that I have quite a few double numbers which provide real value when calling it out. A double seven here and a double one there really add to my number telling experience. However, I’ve never felt the need to offer up one hundred and ten. If I get the chance I’ll also drop a triple 7 in there. I don’t think I’ve spent enough time listening to numbers out loud to see if the triple option is used rather than 7,7,7 – feedback in the comments, please.

I appreciate o eight hundred might sound better than o eight double o but who in real life would actually choose the hundred rather than double o when giving out their number? I just don’t think it seems as easy to follow. I wouldn’t dream of offering up sixty-seven so why break it down in such a way?

While I’m on the issue of phone numbers, I want to address another concern of mine. The “O” in the UK the number is zero or nought yet when giving out our phone numbers we use the letter “O”. This, however, isn’t an option on our phone – yet that is how we decide to offer it out. What a mystery. For my work number, I now use zero as I’m trying to break out of this habit, but I’m too conditioned in all the other numbers in my life to successfully break this.

I’m sure there are some who are reading this post, who wished when getting numbers off people they got the right one – but we can’t all be that lucky when in clubs!

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