That’s Not My Name

Today’s blog centres on a word that I rarely use, but others use all the time. My name.

Catherine. It’s a fairly long name coming in at 9 letters – names like Charlotte and Elizabeth can also boast a long name, but for some things, it is too long. We did a maths challenge at school and that only had 8 boxes – that’s probably the only time I’m happy seeing it at less than 9 letters.

That being said, there are some (who are hopefully reading today’s blog) that get away with dropping the letters. But once someone says it to your face and you carry on regardless you’ve lost the fight against “Cathy”.

The biggest problem for me is in emails. If I’ve emailed you with my email that clearly says “Catherine” and signed my email off with “Catherine” I’d like to assume you’ll reciprocate with my preference and call me “Catherine” – especially if you’ve never met me to understand that I prefer it if all 9 letters are used. I recently had the case of someone emailing about non-urgent things and calling me “Cath” – these emails were replied to with a delay to reinforce the message. When addressed as “Catherine” I replied instantly. This lesson, however, wasn’t heeded and “Cath” continued to be slipped in. To make matters worse, this individual is based abroad with a “non-English” name, if I was to deliberately call her by the wrong name it would appear that I was ignorant to their cultural traditions, however, dropping 5 letters from mine is just annoying.

What I find even more bizarre, is when people reply and get it completely wrong. On more than one occasion, I’ve been called “Caroline”. Aside from starting with a “Ca” and ending in an “e” what were you thinking? My email is probably nicely displayed in the “to” bar as well as the email you’re replying to. Disgrace.

I’d like to think my parents put a lot of thought into naming me, and chose a 9 letter name with the intention that it would be used. I’d like to respect their wishes and continue using the full word – it’s not that hard to add a few more letters, and if not, there’s this amazing keyboard shortcut “Ctrl+C” and “Ctrl+V” that can save you the challenge.

I’d like to reassure all followers I won’t be rebranding as Cath’s corner anytime soon.

2 thoughts on “That’s Not My Name

  1. I like ‘Catherine’
    Especially after reading ‘All the little lights’ by Jamie Mcguire.
    Its my favourite book now.

    But seriously. Why would anyone call you Cath when they can call you Catherine?
    I am totally with you on this one.


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