Celebrity Couple Names

Today’s post might have been slightly influenced by Jani and Wegan. This is the merging of two names when they become a couple.

My query comes at what point does a couple go from Jack and Dani to Jani. What threshold to they have to cross? Is it when the become girlfriend and boyfriend officially or just after we’re bored of saying “Jack and Dani”.

Then there are the couples that never make it to the merged name stage. Paul and Laura is that because Laul or Paura sounds weird or we don’t actually feel invested in their relationship enough?

My biggest concern about this comes from the emotional connotations – are we suggesting that once you become a couple your personality merges and so we don’t even recognise you as individuals anymore. Or that as you always come as a package you’re not worth viewing as separate invites.  Are you so far down the relationship blackhole that people have forgotten who you really are? Brangelina become so well known as couple that the thought of them as single people is almost impossible to imagine – yet it happens. But then Posh and Becks remain as a power couple but not joined in name – why?

This whole loved up world is very confusing, and like many posts before the lack of clear rules to follow makes this harder to navigate. I don’t really mind what answer people come up with – but please ensure the rule is followed consistently – and for ease of couples that don’t have a good merged name, let’s just stick to call people Josh and Kaz.

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