What’s lurking on the shelf?

Today’s post is dedicated to something I hope and possibly think is on the way out; the bookshelf.

Why do we have them? Most bookshelves are filled with books we have read but will probably never read again. The authors we know and love stack up on next to each other to collect dust, but for why?

Then there are those who buy books by fancy authors or scholars to give the impression they are readers of the most up to date/ cutting edge philosophy. Yet they’ve never even seen the first page. I’m not impressed and frankly, if you think putting a certain author’s books around your house to look impressive then I question whether your priorities are in the right place.

Charity shops would love to have your books on their shelf – unless it is 50 shade of grey (scoop here). So why keep books you aren’t going to read stacked up? As someone who likes to bake I can see the appeal of keeping a variety of books in your cupboard so there are new recipes at your fingertips, but then again, there is this marvellous creation; the internet. That is filled with lots of recipes you can try.

Technology might also call the end of the bookshelf, as it does away with books. As yet there is little evidence to suggest books sales are in decline due to the kindle, but there could be a time where we click for the next page rather than licking a finger and flicking through. I personally quite like holding a book and reading the pages so might not transfer to the kindle just yet, but my home won’t be filled with shelves like the one below.20180407_212921.jpg

If anyone knows of any great reason why bookshelves should be kept please enlighten me.

One thought on “What’s lurking on the shelf?

  1. I am with you, I love the tangible feel of a book. I read and reread my books over and over again until they are falling apart. I could never do without my bookcases!


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