Big Breakfast Bonaza

I’ve not posted a great deal about food lately so makes sense to bring another food into the mix. Today’s post is centred on the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

I’m lucky enough to travel a lot for work so get to have breakfast out quite frequently. If, however, I’ve not had a cooked breakfast during the week, it is even more likely that I’ll indulge of a weekend. However, my problem arises on content, when is a fry up full?

I was recently in Wales and visited a cafe for my breakfast, I was hoping there were some touches to make it a Welsh breakfast rather than a Full English. I was completely wrong. Breakfast was more of a build it yourself. Sausage, bacon and eggs were standard then a choice of beans, tomato or mushroom was given (could have all three!) with a range of options as add-ons below in the menu. I enjoyed the bespoke nature of the breakfast but it leaves me wondering what is essential for a fry up.

For me as a lover of carbs, I like to see Hash browns and toast – but it seems hash browns are one of the first to be dropped off. Beans tend to come as standard but there is a variation on whether these are served in a dish or not. Bubble and squeak is given as standard when in some B&Bs but I wouldn’t consider that as an option. Black pudding? I enjoy a spot of black pudding, but can cope without it too – I think part of its charm is the infrequency of it! I’ve also taken a trip to Scotland in the recent past and was given some haggis on my breakfast – not one I’ll be rushing to add in every week. There was also a potato cake, not quite a hash brown, but a pleasant enough change.

I recently had breakfast near Kings Cross and was greeted by a “Full English” without a sausage. I’d suggest this is a sin in the breakfast world. I’m happy to leave mushrooms and keep tomatoes but these seem like more “take it or leave it” items.

For a dish as standard as breakfast, it baffles me how there can be such a lack of clarity on what is standard. Eggs, who knows how many ways there are to make a good egg? Fried, poached, scrambled, boiled or baked, but at least you know that they will be coming!

What are your Full English essentials?

5 thoughts on “Big Breakfast Bonaza

  1. I eat out for work reasons too, and I don’t like a full English! I dislike sausage, eggs, black pudding, beans are meh, will eat bacon, mushrooms, tomato! Actually I prefer a continental breakfast. The Premier Inn has a standard range – I was working in Scotland last week and expected a few bespoke additions to the menu, but no, it was the usual standard English fare.


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