One Bad Egg

Easter is coming and that can only mean one thing; eggs. I’ve got a sweet tooth so I’m a pretty big fan of all the overpriced chocolate coming our way, but there is one egg I just can’t stand: the creme egg.

I appreciate this might be an unpopular opinion given all the hype around creme eggs at this time of year, but if they were that nice wouldn’t the shops sell them all year?

I don’t know how many recipes I’ve seen that use creme eggs from cheesecake and rocky road to french toast and deep fried. There is even a recipe for hot cross bun creme egg pudding, I’m sorry, do you want to add the Easter seminal cake to ensure all seasonal products are in one dish? I appreciate they might not be that nice so you need to cook with them to make them seem more palatable, but what is wrong with a lime cheesecake or traditional rocky road? Do they really need creme eggs ruining them?

creme egg
Are you seriously telling me this looks appealing?

If the state of the food isn’t bad enough, there is a whole mystery around how to eat them. So much so there is a handy wiki guide for those unsure how to tackle it (check it out here) The options include sucking out the filling and shoving it all in your mouth at once – not exactly the most attractive way to eat your snack, let alone the sticky mess this would leave you in.

I for one will be glad when Easter is over and these monstrosities are removed from our shelves.

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