New Year, Same old me

I hate New Year. OK, so the new year has started and I’m starting off with another moaning post.

The solar system was great enough to tell us that we have day and night, and also a year. What it didn’t tell us is when the new year starts. Day and night are good enough to give us light for us to know when to really celebrate a new day dawning – no one at Midnight really celebrates it being a new day.

So why do we use the depths of winter to celebrate New Year? Tomorrow, yesterday, next week and last week are all much of the same, the same dead looking trees still look dead, the mornings are frosty, the nights are dark. To me, the end of December doesn’t scream new start. Spring would make the more natural start to the year, lambs are born and the trees also start to show signs of new life, less of these dark and damp evenings.

But it isn’t just the timing of New Year I have an issue with. It’s New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t get me wrong wanting to better yourself isn’t to be shunned, but why wait for an arbitrarily moment in time to decide to start that self-improvement?

I’d also hazard a guess, if New Year wasn’t so close to Christmas fewer people would set losing weight as a goal as the Christmas binge would be a distant memory and the swollen waistline will return to normal.

Every day is the chance to spot things about yourself that you aren’t happy with so you could change it then. Booking a holiday in March for a summer break and want to learn the language? Oh no, it’s not January and I can’t be like 1 in 5 people who want to learn a new language. That wouldn’t happen, you would just do it so why set a New Year’s Resolution that is bound to be forgotten in February. I think part of the issue of New Year’s Resolutions is the pressure. It’s almost expected that you pick something to work on but society has pushed you to do, not you, so you aren’t the driver of that change.

The good news for you, is 2018 will bring more posts to Catherine’s corner where I point out parts of life that are that little bit irritating and making them into things that are seemingly the end of the world.


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