Two Tree Family

I’ve started to notice a growing Christmas trend, the two tree family.

People have more than one Christmas tree in their house. Why? Do you expect Father Christmas to leave presents under both trees? Do you have the one in the window really well decorated to impress the neighbours but a grim one in your front room because you ran out of design ideas? You’d only have a second birthday cake for dietary requirements, so are there lifestyle requirements that make a second tree essential?

Are you a married couple at loggerheads over a real tree and an artificial tree so to save the marriage over the Christmas period you have two trees and adorn your own one? Christmas is supposed to be a time where we bring friends and family together, so if that’s the reason please reconsider your decision.

I’m under the impression the tree is the focal point for many rooms in people’s homes at this time of year but does the second tree really add to the ambience? What benefit can it bring at this time of year? Or is the second tree at Christmas just another sign that Christmas has become over commercialised. People are rushing around trying to do one better than those around them, with ever more extravagant light displays for the outside of the house to prove you are the most festive.

This year my family, for the first time ever, has gone for an artificial tree. I’m still not convinced. But I’m not yearning for the real thing that I’m considering making us a two tree family – but maybe that’s for next year.

Are any of my readers two tree families? Please can you shed some light on why the second tree is needed?

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