Offensive food

I’d like to thank a fellow train passenger for affecting my journey enough to prompt to my write today’s post.


I was recently on a train mid-morning. Boarded at 9.45 scheduled arrival was 12 noon. To me, this would suggest breakfast has been consumed and dinner can be expected after arrival, but oh no, not this day.

A couple joined the train after me and promptly tucked into their lemon curd sandwiches. Fine. Eat that to your heart’s content. What I did not appreciate was the lady who then dived into her bag and brought out a sad looking salad. This salad, if it can be called that, consisted of two ingredients. Tomato. Egg. EGG?? Is a hard boiled egg something I want to smell on a train? No. Who thinks an egg is an appropriate food for a confined space like a train carriage? Safe to say it wasn’t just me who looked displeased by the presence of the pungent egg on the train.

As a regular user of public transport, I am acutely aware of the sheer bullishness of people who are prepared to bring pungent food into a small space with limited ventilation. There are some people who bring in food in a little bag brandishing a certain brand, and my heart sinks, hot or cold I know that my nostrils are in for a shock. The growing sushi trend is a growing concern of mine. This is not suitable food for a train.

Additionally, if you work in an office that has numerous spaces designated for food and drink, please choose to consume that repugnant food there and not at your desk where the smell is enough for me to consider leaving early to get some London “fresh” air back into my lungs. This is particularly true where the whole room doesn’t know you but already disapproves of your decision to lunch ahead of our breathing pleasure.

I’d like to use this blogging space, for greater consideration of those around you when you are making your food choices.

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