This has been a post I’ve wanted to write for a quite a while, I’ve just been waiting for that hook that solidifies this as a good post, and as if by magic it’s the FBI that’s provided me with this hook.

We’ve become a world that uses acronyms left, right and centre. As mentioned in a previous post I’ve got a graduate job. This is in the energy industry. I don’t know if energy is just a bad industry, but there are some days I get emails and I wonder where the words are at.

Geography A-level was another time when I thought this was a problem, we covered development in this there was LDCs. This acronym could mean Least Developed Countries (referring to the 50 poorest countries in the world) and LDC meaning Less Developed Country referring to countries that we are an earlier stage of their development journey. All Least Developed Countries could be classified as a Less Developed Country, but the reverse is not true. What’s worse is the context doesn’t help you know what this acronym means.

There is a special group of people that really wind me up. Those that make Kind Regards to KR. If you are that short on time, just add this detail to your signature and don’t fob me off with your “KR”

But as promised, the FBI hook. See this tweet from the QI elves.


Is this really the world we want to live in? I’m pretty sure more effort goes into making this an acronym than actually writing this out in full.

Then there are acronyms like “TBH” “IMHO” these are phrases where no one ever seems to start a sentence with them apart from to use the acronym or to reach the word count during a university essay. They are dead words that seem to have found value as an acronym.

Then there are words that you’ve only ever heard as words but are actually acronyms. Ofgem is a prime work example of this one. We also have something called TRIAD in the energy sector, this is a word I always see as full capitals, making me assume this is an acronym. However, whenever someone wants to know what these means it is explained rather than broken down into what each letter stands for.

Then there are the acronyms where you don’t know what it stands for, and a quick google doesn’t help you out either. Such as “NG SNaPS” googling this brings up a whole load of photo results, not System Needs and Product Services like I needed to know.

I think we all need to take a step back and think before we use an acronym. Anyway TTFN


3 thoughts on “FYI BTW BRB

  1. lalabrown

    Completely agree, however, as a military spouse, and if you are close to anyone in the military you know this to be true, our lives are filled with acronyms. From WILCO (Will Comply) to BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) and BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) and LES (Leaves and Earning Statement), it’s never-ending. I joke with my husband that eventually all conversation will just be a long acronym.


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