In a rare twist of fate, nothing has annoyed me enough this week for me to consider it something for me to write a blog about. Maybe I’ve found my inner zen? Or maybe I’ve covered every topic possible and reaching my blogaversary (that’s a thing right?) will become increasingly difficult.

Luckily, I have some content to waffle on about today. I’m just going to show off a skill of mine. Ok, skill might be a bit of a stretch.

One thing I find relaxing is to paint my nails. I’m not sure whether it’s the fumes or the concentration required?!

I used to have a job at a zoo, so an animal theme seemed like the natural place to start practising my nail art. I tried otters, but they were removed before leaving the house! I did some pretty good flamingos and also cheetah prints that were bright coloured spots rather than their natural colours because the best way to hide the fact it doesn’t look realistic is to aim to be abstract!

It isn’t just animals that I can do, I’m also able to get ready for the key holidays with a festive or spooky touch to the nails. But again the animal theme seems to creep in.

To prove I’m not a one-trick pony (Yes, that pun is intended) I can also do generic patterns which have no animal connections.


Do you have any ways you like to unwind that I might like to try and make into a blog post when a tiny detail of life hasn’t irritated me?

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