I Got A Grad Job

Right, so it is a short post today, as my life is busy with my graduate job.

Yeah, that’s right, I’m one of those ex-students that has spent her summer earning rather than travelling, or job hunting to no end. I would make this a brag post about how great my job is, but I’ll save that for when writer’s block kicks in.

What is great, is having a job so soon out of university, and one that has a clear career progression #nailedit. It must be said though, as much as I want to claim my sparkling extra curricular activities helped, this was all down to work experience.

I was lucky enough to have a year in industry as part of my degree – if you’re thinking about university, take a sandwich degree. Not only does this bring theory into reality, you get the chance to make some useful future contacts and get some pretty good stories to share with friends, but also in those all-important interviews.

Also shout out to BPLS, at Hull, if you’re into politics. Alumni include the deputy opposition leader and a current Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, so I’m in pretty good company!

These are the BPLS faces you need to be looking out for in the near future

I worked in Parliament for a year, and you never get tired of saying that. I can also brag that I never had to get the teas in (the other intern did it once). My placement gave me a whole range of activities to complete while I was there, some more glamorous than others, read cheeky visit to BBC and Sky Studios. However, when my employer was looking to fill my position, they reached out for suggestions to where I was on placement, and my name was thrown into the mix, the rest they say is history.

I appreciate not everyone will be lucky enough to get recommended for a position, but if you haven’t had the chance to shine within a company, they can never recommend you, subscribe to your blog (Hi!) or drop you a cheeky LinkedIn endorsement.

I should also say Hull is second in the UK for student employment, so maybe I wasn’t lucky, just spent my 9k a year wisely. I also made full use of the career department before getting my placement sorted so my CV was well polished and I learned how to keep sprinkling the glitter on it.

I’m hoping my new found responsibilities won’t throw me off my post a week course, but I’ve managed it for a month so far!

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