The Plight of Pockets

“Equality” seems to have become a bit of a buzz word lately, such as wanting equal pay, equal rights and so forth. I, however, feel like a key component has been left behind in this debate. Pockets.

I am not entirely sure why, but it seems as if pockets on women’s clothing are a rarity. Not only that when you do get them they seem incapable of actually holding anything.

The other day on my arrival to work, a colleague told me my trousers were fab. I quickly remarked they weren’t fab as they didn’t have pockets. Not only is this almost an insult to trousers, they contained 4, yes four, fake pockets. Two on the front and two on the back, to leave the unsuspecting passer by to think I was living in pocket luxury, but no I was deprived of this basic need.

It has even got to the point if I buy a dress or a skirt that has pockets, regardless of how it looks, it very quickly becomes one of my favourites. Pockets are useful for containing things you need to access quickly. Travelling on the tube, whack your oyster in your pocket. Expecting a call and don’t want to rummage through your bag, put your phone in your pocket. Off to pick up a takeaway, drop a £20 note in your pocket. Suffering from a cold, fill your pockets with tissues. You get the idea.

Jeans are one of the worst for this. Front pockets on jeans are usually bad offenders. I don’t know if I should be grateful for the addition of pockets or bemused by the fact I can only get my finger nails into them. WHY? Who decided a pathetically small pocket was in any way progress.

Men are lucky enough to have pockets in their jeans, shirts and blazers. If anything they have too many and can never find their glasses as they can’t remember which pocket they put it in. However, men do not seem to appreciate this luxury. As a result of my pocket-less, life I tend to always carry a handbag. Usually, a big one filled with pens and other useful items. I also, however, get a frequent “can you put this in your handbag?” From a man who has full pocket capabilities. The audacity.

I am sure in this modern world, a desire to have pockets on trousers, and of a usable size is not beyond the realms of possibility.


3 thoughts on “The Plight of Pockets

  1. Jen

    When I was young, this wasn’t a problem. Women’s clothes had the same kind and number of pockets as men’s clothes. Now, we have two-inch zippers and fake pockets.
    I’ve heard that we are progressing, but I wonder. I think we are just making things harder on ourselves.


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