I’m 271 months old

I know, that sounds totally ridiculous, for those weaker on maths that makes me just over 22 and a half. Yet, when people have babies we are forced to endure them in daily, weekly and then monthly increments.

Even, when I say about 22.5 that is less accurate than parents who tell you their kid is  7 and 1/2 months. I appreciate when children are small they change a lot and have lots of developmental goals which are measured in months, yet when they reach 24 months or even 36 months, why can’t we switch to using years? Once a child has reached a year old, why can’t we use the fact they are 1 for that year, maybe drop in 18 months, but once they have hit 2, I think they should be introduced as 2 for that whole year. If we are announcing children in monthly intervals, does this mean the candles need to be brought out on a monthly basis to celebrate this latest milestone?

Children, however, do like to point out they are 9 and a half, even 12 and a half, but even then they learn to drop the half as an identification. How significant are these 6 months in the grand scheme of growing old? If the accuracy of age is so important, why aren’t I provided with this information in weekly increments?

This attention to detail with age certainly deteriorates, I’ve met numerous people who claim to be 21 again I think it is fair to say these people most definitely don’t count their months either.

With every day we are the oldest we will ever be but also as young as we will ever be again, so why are we so fixated on counting our ages to varying degrees of accuracy.


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