Fishing for answers?

We live in a world where within a few clicks we can receive a wealth of information at our fingertips. As detailed as the weather outside in case we are unable to lift our heads from the screen.

It is with this great power, comes a grave misuse of power. I am talking about those people – and you know who you are – who have yet to discover the wonders of a search engine. I don’t even know how many pub discussions are settled with let’s google it. That thing Google is a search engine. SO WHY DO PEOPLE ASK QUESTIONS ON SOCIAL MEDIA? Other search engines available. In a previous post, I dropped in Ecosia, for example.

I can almost tolerate asking a business if they are open – especially if it is a weather dependent operation, but whacking a status down asking what time a generic shop closes is irrelevant. Also, why not contact them directly? Are you really incapable of putting that exact same text in a search engine and getting many thousands of instant results, rather than waiting for a friend to comment?

In what world is this progress? I do feel some of the blame does lie at the feet of Facebook too. This whole recommendations feature. Yeah, sure I’ll recommend a good place to go to a friend. Or I could direct them to this amazing website, such as TripAdviser, (other sites available – you can research those – or tweet about it!) that gives them the scoop on places with reviews from thousands of people. It will also rank some of the best places to go in the area.

We are able to do all this research from the comfort of our bed and yet you are still too lazy to whack it in a search engine. NO. Please do your homework. And if you value my opinion that much ASK ME. Don’t put it as a status just as an indirect way to brag about your next trip to the cinema/supermarket/restaurant.

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