6 Months In

A slightly different approach for today’s blog, but I hope you enjoy this slight deviation in direction.

I’ve been blogging now for just over 6 months, with the last 4 of these having a post a week. Now is the time to reflect on how it has been going so far.

I think this blog has been a generally positive experience and it has allowed me to write about some of the things that irritate me, occasionally also making you notice that these seemingly irrelevant things also annoy you too. I’ve tried to keep the subject matter varied, although I have had a tendency to revert to food related issues on a number of blogs – I can’t promise this wont continue. During my time as a blogger, I’ve also tried out diet – officially a statistic now.

One of the easier things for me, while being a student has been finding the time to write a little post every week, as the realities of graduate life sneak up on my I’m not sure I will be such a consistent poster, but I will try! But the length of the post has seemingly been correlated to the amount of uni words I’ve needed to be writing!

I also don’t know how many more things there are in the world that will annoy me enough to keep the posts coming in thick and fast – might have to take on a different diet to help me out on this one! Or find a cause that annoys me enough and is topical enough to allow me to post about it every week. Also open to suggestions.

Since starting my blog I have experimented with the design of it, and taken procrastination to a new level and designed a logo for it too. I hope you think it looks good.

One of the things I like most about my blog is seeing where in the world the views come from, the UK is typically the most common viewer, but this isn’t true every week. The US, Canada and Europe are also regular visitors to the blog, but sometimes I reach Africa and Asia too. I’m amazed people all across the world are interested in reading opinions about such obscure parts of life – but please do continue!

I hope you have enjoyed following me on my blogging journey, and if there is anything you want to see on my blog, get in touch!



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