Here’s a Fun Fact for you all

Ok. The title is a lie.

I think the phrase “fun fact” is overused. The benchmark for fun seems to be a very low threshold. A mildly amusing fact seems to be quantified as fun.

Just google fun fact; Google will provide you with a random piece of information, such as the origin of Karaoke or when Apollo 8 was launched. Other search engines are available (this one plants trees for use but doesn’t provide facts when fun facts are searched for.) These are facts. There is nothing remotely fun about them.

A lot of these facts might be better described as useless facts. Knowing which President’s lived in a log cabin, for example, is pretty useless information. Unless you find yourself at the most obscure pub quiz going. For those that are intrigued check it out here!

I like to think of myself as a fountain of useless knowledge and from time to time will share facts with the poor people subjected to my company. Occasionally they will be qualified as a fun fact – but the fact that butterflies taste with their feet is pretty fun. Or that an astronaut is taller in space is again a fun little nugget of information.

I don’t know who decided that nearly every fact going was a fun one. But please only reserve fun facts for those that are actually enjoyable!


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