Rare Money

As the new five pound notes hit, there was wild speculation about the value of the note. Apparently not all notes are created equal.

All this “it has a unique serial number so it could be worth a fortune.” WHY? It is a five pound note, what kind of person wants to buy money for more than the face value. This is bad economy. Or worse still the people that sold the fiver for less than a fiver. This is why auction sites give you a reserve price!

This is apparently a new thing with some rare 2 pound coins. This helpful little website, lets you spot the rarest one. I’m sure you are all dying to check your change to see if you’re quids in now.

I can kind of appreciate collecting the coins that are commemorative, but why buy coins because there is a fault in them, or a note that starts AA? These aren’t pretty little coins or marking any special occasion. They are a mistake.

If anyone out there knows why this is a good idea, please enlighten me.


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