The Great Plate Debate

As I alluded to in Baffling Buffets I promised you a post on plates.

I’m a traditionalist, I like a plate that is a plate. Preferably, round with a slight lip to it. Nice and straightforward. A solid perk of this is how well it fits into a dishwasher, almost as if they were designed around it.

So why now do we live in a world where a plate can’t be a plate? Food is now served on wooden blocks, slates and all sorts of shapes are now acceptable. Square, rectangles, although triangles seem neglected.

Aside from the annoyance, this must cause in a washing machine. Why is in necessary? Some plates now are too awkwardly shaped to conveniently fit the table arrangement already established. I was once served a burger and chips on a tray with baking paper on the tray. The tray was only a slight upgrade from the one I was used to using a school. I’m not sure this had an improvement on my eating experience.FB_IMG_1492873683469

Slate seems to have become a popular option for desserts. I’m a pudding fan and like to scrape every last drop off my plate, but no. There is no way I’m going to run my fork over slate and enjoy the experience. Is slate even sturdy enough to make it a sensible choice for a plate?

Another one of my problems arises with chips in particular. I’ll happily take a side of chips in a bowl. But the chips that come with my meal in a bowl? No thanks. I also don’t appreciate the need for a fancy display, where the chips are in a deep fat fryer style container. Just put my chips on my plate and I will be happy, don’t create unnecessary washing up. Most people who receive their chips in this way tip them out anyway – yes extensive meals have been consumed to prove this point!FB_IMG_1492873664850

Having said that, I don’t mind wet items being placed in a separate receptacle. Take beans, for example, don’t mind them in a dish so my toast doesn’t go soggy on my full English. However, I can survive with them on my plate. Coleslaw seems to have reached the dizzy heights of being worthy of its own dish too, but I question is coleslaw is wet enough to really need this special treatment.

People claim they want a floor clean enough to eat off, but when we are we eating off our roofs why not eat off floor tiles too!


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