Am I a Yogi now?


When I returned to university this year, following my placement I started doing yoga. While on placement many members of the team would spend their lunchtime heading off to the gym to do some stretching. Safe to say I thought they just went for a nap.



I have, however, decided to give yoga a chance. I went to my first class and wasn’t entirely sure what I had let myself into. We started off sat on the floor focusing on our breathing, then we went on to some of the moves, I had no idea what I was doing with the downward dog or why I didn’t feel like a warrior doing the warrior pose. I decided to give it a try again the next week.


I now try and make two classes a week, although life can sometimes get in the way! Even when I can’t make a class, I tend to do the sun salutation at some points in the week. I have even found myself at classes for more advanced members. I can now do the downward dog, yet to feel I’m a warrior though.

I’m pleased I gave lying on the floor a try and realise that yoga is far more than taking a nap over a lunch break!


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