Home is where the Dog is

I’ve been back home for nearly two weeks and haven’t posted about my dog, I feel I have let both you and me down. Today I’m going to rectify this.215364_10150206566930396_4264163_n

Misty has been a part of our family for 6 years. One of the first pictures I took of Misty as a puppy was her in the daffodils, while at home I wanted to recreate this photo.

It appears over time she has grown less interested in having her photo taken.

While at university Misty stays at home, and while I Skype my parents every weekend, she sits on their lap having no idea what is going on. However, my return home always sparks her excitement, usually resulting in her running around with a burst of energy. This enthusiasm to see me is recreated every morning. In our house, dog’s aren’t allowed upstairs, so of a morning when I come downstairs she runs out of her bed to land in my lap. This is a greeting reserved just for me.

I spent much of Misty’s first few months teaching her skills. Once sit and lie down were mastered, we progressed onto more exciting things to learn, such as beg, and how to play dead. I don’t think she is quite Britain’s got talent ready yet! One thing that Misty didn’t need teaching was carrying her dog bowl outside after eating dinner to get it refilled.

The family had typically been a family of one dog. In the past, these had been Labradors. Dad wasn’t completely sold on the idea of a little Jack Russel joining the family, but it is safe to say of an evening now he is always pleased to have her join him on the sofa.


Nearly two years ago, Misty gave birth to three little puppies, who I’m sure have gone on to cause just as much trouble in their new homes as they did ours!

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