Kisses on texts

This might just be me. But what is the point of kisses on texts? On occasions, I can follow the logic. Such as a congratulations text. I just don’t know why every mundane message needs a follow-up of kisses.

Let’s imagine for a second we are having this conversation in real life. I’m not going to kiss you after every time I finish speaking. Maybe I’ll meet and greet with one and part with one that is it. I appreciate online life and real life don’t always match up but in this scenario I think they could be a bit closer.

Sometimes the message might seem a bit harsh so a kiss at the end might soften the blow. Other than that I cannot think of a time where they are necessary.

A second issue, how many do you give, some people take issue if you don’t copy the number you five. Or if they forget they send a separate message containing a few kisses. This to me is just ridiculous


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