Being a fussy eater

I am a fussy eater. I am not dreadful, but I could certainly be better. Whenever I head home from Uni, mum’s first question is what food do you want me to get in? I would love to pretend this is because I have a more sophisticated diet than most, but no I’m fussy.

I’m not even generic fussy. There was a time where I would eat tuna sandwiches, usually the tinned kind. I should admit this is drowned in mayo, so tuna isn’t really a flavour. One week mum switched from tuna in Brine to tuna in sunflower oil. For most people tuna would be consumed, no questions asked. Not me. I pushed my plate away from refusing to eat it. These weird quirks continue. Butter, fine when melted, don’t want it on a cold sandwich, though. Cheese? melt it and I’ll eat it, if not it’s a no from me. Bacon? You read that right. I’m forever offering the bacon from my full English to my friends. One of my weirder ones was as a child I much preferred cheerios when they were stale than fresh.

Unlike a typical fussy eater I am actually quite good with my vegetables, don’t think my meat-free Mondays would have worked if I couldn’t eat vegetables. Although, I do draw the line at mushrooms. The idea of putting a fungus in my mouth doesn’t fill me with joy! I also tend to go through a phase of eating numerous portions of a dish, before deciding I no longer like it – latest victims of this phase have been pesto and pasta bake.


While being fussy isn’t a drastic problem, and I certainly eat more now I’m at uni it does have its drawbacks. I don’t know how I would have survived in a world where I couldn’t check the menu of where we were going before arriving. As a teenager, I would frequently ask for the children’s menu, despite being years older than the stated for 12s and under! This did have an advantage – pudding! A small main wasn’t usually enough for me so I could get pudding too. Desserts are certainly not an area where my fussiness has expanded into. As long as it isn’t a rice pudding I’ll eat it – although a set cheesecake is far more desirable to a baked cheesecake.

My menu checking life is set to continue.

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