Meat-Free Monday Take 2

On a day filled with love, it is only right I turn my blog to something I love; food. Yesterday was the second instalment of my month-long trial of Meat-Free Monday.

I was coming down with a cold yesterday, so I turned to the classic comfort food. A nice big, warm bowl of soup, with some toast chucked in and bread on the side. A pretty standard meal – made no better or worse with the addition of meat. A safe bet for Meat-free Monday.

Dinner was slightly less successful, I roasted off some chunks of pepper, courgette, butternut squash, garlic and onion, which was finished off with a tin of tomatoes and stirred through cooked pasta. I had too much tomato. Realistically, I would have been better off with a smaller tin, but the actual flavour of the dish was fine. Naturally, this was served with garlic bread because pasta isn’t enough carbs for one meal!

I don’t think I’ll get a restaurant job for that presentation

My attempt at Meat-free Monday for a second time went well. No slip-up occurred, despite waking up thinking it was Sunday! In a world where meat is frequently consumed for lunch and dinner and occasionally breakfast too, I think it is a worthwhile endeavour to try and reduce our meat intake. That’s not to say we need to go Meat-free every Monday, we could have meat once a day, or reduce the quantity of meat items on out plate.

2 thoughts on “Meat-Free Monday Take 2

  1. adventuredawg79

    Nice post! I’ve been wanting to try meat free Monday for awhile now and you’ve inspired me to take the plunge. I exercise quite a bit though so I think I will make sure I get some protein in with some beans/legumes. I also love mushrooms as a meat substitute. Keep up the good work and I’m looking forward to following along.


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