Meat-free Monday update

As you should all know, I have decided to avoid Meat on Mondays – if you don’t know read up about it here – Meat-free Mondays

Yesterday was the first day I had deliberately avoided eating meat for my meals. I think I managed it pretty well. I wasn’t overly excited by lunch – I’ve cooked this dish before it just wasn’t really what I fancied at the time. I made myself beans on toast (I am a student after all) but I glammed it up a bit with sauteed onions and peppers I also chucked in some tomatoes and added some brown sauce to the mix. You can check out the handy work below!


For my dinner, after a good few hours stood in the cold, I opted for an asparagus risotto. I chucked in a few peas and finished it off with a good dose of lemon juice to freshen up the flavour. This was much more enjoyable than lunch, but that could have been helped with how hungry I was! I hadn’t made this exact recipe before and it is something I’d eat again, but maybe with a nicely chargrilled chicken breast on the side!


I can’t say my day seemed overly different despite cutting out the meat. I did have major food envy of my housemate’s meaty dinner, but I’m not sure this would have been wildly different had I eaten meat for my own dinner. After day 1 I must confess I still don’t think this will have a huge impact on my life or the health of the planet, but it is an easy change to make so I’m happy to continue with it for now.

I’ve always been conscious to opt for higher welfare meat and if I’m honest I think meat eaters should be making a deliberate choice to ensure RSPCA assured (or other welfare schemes) meat hits their plate, when and if it does, but for now that free range hen is spared my plate on Monday’s at least!

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