Meat-free Mondays

This February I have decided to trial going Meat-free on a Monday. It is a fairly well-established campaign and like all people with dietary requirements, I feel the need to tell you about it. Over the course of February, I won’t be eating meat on a Monday, but animal products will probably still have to feature, I’m not sure I know enough vegan recipes to get me through the whole 4 days.

As someone who finds it hard to plan a meal without first deciding what meat I want to eat this may be a struggle. The veg crisis couldn’t have really come at a worse time either – but thankfully my cupboards are well stocked with soup and baked beans. Inspiration shouldn’t run dry either thanks to this helpful website.

I’m not entirely sure going without meat for 4 of 28 days will have any noticeable effect but we shall see. There are claims that it will boost the health of me and the planet, but like all things, the actions of one person will not have a great impact on the state of the planet.

I’ll keep you updated on my progress!

2 thoughts on “Meat-free Mondays

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