Don’t cry over spilt milk

A slightly different approach for today’s blog so please bear with me! If I say free range, your mind probably thinks of chickens and eggs. Other meat can be labelled as farm assured, with the red tractor or it could have the RSPCA mark for higher welfare. Milk, however, is just milk. You can buy organic – currently, about 3% of milk produced in the UK is organic. But I’d imagine most of you just buy milk.

Not all cows are afforded the luxury of getting time in the field. It may shock you, but welfare may come at the cost of profit. Big isn’t always known as beautiful and even some huge dairies with a larger room for manoeuvre in the budget department keep their cows in sheds – more details here.

Don’t worry this post won’t delve into the importance of cows seeing and eating grass – that much should be obvious. It is more to highlight the plight to the consumer. Since 2012 the British public has moved with their wallets to support the free range egg movement. There is no shortage of news items about the milk farmgate price, so now is the time to back British milk and shop savvy. About a year ago, Waitrose promised to back the idea of cows spending 100 days at pasture – this is only really a few months.

This post isn’t going sour just yet see what I did there. Well, there is some good news! The free range milk board is gaining momentum – check out the Farmers Weekly scoop here. When in the shops you can also keep an eye out for the Pasture promise logo, I’ve conveniently dropped their logo in below – I’m good like that! Some supermarket shelves won’t be displaying this logo just yet. I should probably also say that the price you have to pay for healthy and happy cows will be a few more pennies in the litre, but if we can do it for chickens we can do it for cows!



Also, shout out to Friday night feast for helping me to get over my bloggers block!

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