The Fuel Station shop

When I go to refuel my car I tend to do just that, put the petrol in and pay. Occasionally I will pick up some sweets for the journey or a bottle of water, but I rarely venture past these necessities. And yes, car sweets are an essential.

What confuses me the most is the diverse range of items in the shop for people to buy. I can totally appreciate the need for sausage rolls and pasties to help the driver on his way or the milk and bread to avoid stopping somewhere else for the convenient stuff. Some stores, however, are kitted out to become a substitute for the weekly shop. Why? 

I suppose more to the point, how? Rarely is there a trolley park out the front so it cannot be beneficial to load yourself up for the week without one. The checkout experience tends to lack the conveyor belt needed for the large range of items.  I just do not understand why you would put yourself through the unnecessary stress. It is isn’t just yourself that has to suffer the stress. Most people expect their refilling experience to be quick, drive in, fill up, pay, drive out – all without breaking a sweat.

Some filling stations also have beer and wine available. These most definitely aren’t road essential items. Then there are the petrol station flowers – the ultimate romance is dead sign.

I’m all for companies diversifying to try and help with maintaining profits, but if filling stations could stick to fuel for cars and immediate fuel for drivers I think everyone would be better off.

2 thoughts on “The Fuel Station shop

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